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Unlimited Revisions,

Flat Monthly Fee.

The absolute best companion for successful creators.



A creator ready to carve their name into the world


An entrepreneur looking to find more clients or nurture relationships with your existing ones


Starting your own business and need a professional touch for the videos you’ll use to promote yourself


A creative video professional that wants more time to spend with your family and friends…

This is Video editing outsourcing that works like magic!

Except that it’s real and done by a bunch of hardworking video editors.


Save time, and avoid burnout.

Your time is better spent somewhere other than in front of a computer, editing or managing your video masterpieces.

Grow by collaborating.

Benefit from the skills and creative input of your dedicated editor.

Keep your projects organized and available.

With our online platform, you can easily view and keep track of your edits. You can also make changes to old edits and prioritize urgent ones.

Always work with the same editor.

As much as humanly possible, you’ll always have the same editor throughout your entire membership.

Closer to your time zone than the competition.

Now you won’t need to send your projects halfway around the world to get quick, quality editing at a great price.

If Michelangelo had a service like The Editors Connection, he would have met his deadline for the Sistine Chapel and then maybe moved on to help finish the Sagrada Familia. Just saying..

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Use as you need, we’ll keep up with your growth.


Ideal for musical videos, documentaries, short films, corporate videos… The sky’s the limit! No weddings




Ideal for talking heads or simple youtube edits. No music videos, documentaries, short films,
corporate videos or weddings.



All Memberships include the help of a Post-production Manager

Your post-production manager will be there to give you support in the rare case of a challenge that can’t be immediately resolved by your editor.

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